CUPLOK steel shoring | High load support scaffold

Genuine CUPLOK® steel shoring is often the best solution where very tall, high-load and flexible support scaffolding is required. The elements of the system can be readily assembled to form projecting structures, e.g. as protection from falls at the slab edge. Furthermore, work decks and protective scaffold decks can be integrated at any time

A match for every challenge

The CUPLOK steel shoring system is a match for any challenge; the wide range of individual components allow the best possible shoring system to be assembled efficiently and rapidly to meet any slab formwork requirement. With their low unit weight and easily, intuitive features, CUPLOK components allow quick and safe erection of the right shoring at the right place.

CUPLOK steel shoring at a glance

  • Leg Loads up to 74 kN - wide grid means fewer components/quicker to install and dismantle
  • Horizontals on same level - easy access through the structure/improved productivity
  • Universal jack base and top - certainty on performance and selection of the right components
  • Four connections one node - wider range of applications
  • Systemised quick erection bracing - easier to build and adapt which keeps the programme on time
  • 20% lighter than traditional steel - safer by reducing operative fatigue
  • Ability to horizontally track bridges

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CUPLOK is the world’s most copied scaffold system – we do not recommend mixing original CUPLOK from Brand Energy with imitation versions. Check it is genuine before making a purchase. Contact

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