EUROPLUS | The innovative tubular steel prop

The EUROPLUS® tubular steel prop is available in ten versions. Five in each of the 20 and 30 kN classes. EUROPLUS can be variably extended to a maximum of 5.5 and 4 m, respectively.

The distinctive feature of EUROPLUS is its patented quick-lowering mechanism, making lowering twice as quick to strike as on conventional props. This is confirmed by a study carried out by the Institut für Zeitwirtschaft und Betriebsberatung (IZB). With this development, we set a milestone in the innovation of props.

Ingenious quick-lowering mechanism

A simple blow of the hammer is all it takes to lower the EUROPLUS prop by approx. 3 mm and thus quickly and easily accomplish the first critical phase of stripping, even under heavy loads. Subsequent unscrewing could not be easier. With EUROPLUS, the laborious, time-consuming and cost-intensive hammering of the props is a thing of the past.

Its exceptionally high-grade workmanship ensures the trouble-free and reliable functioning of the EUROPLUS prop throughout its long service life.

EUROPLUS at a glance

  • Lowering is twice as fast in comparison to conventional props with threaded-nuts due to the integrated quick-lowering mechanism
  • Highest possible service life as a result of the seamless hot-dip galvanisation inside as well as on the outside
  • Clear differentiation of the prop load capacities due to the color-coded threaded locking nuts
  • Safest on-site-handling because of the 10 cm-high anti-crushing-guard as well as the dropout failsafe

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