GASS aluminium shoring | 140 kN leg loadings

The 140 kN per leg high productivity, lightweight GASS aluminium shoring system has integral brace frames and has been designed to require only three main individual components: outer leg, inner leg and ledger frame.

GASS is commonly used for shoring and back propping in the construction of;

  • reservoirs - using GASS rolling table forms
  • residential and commercial concrete frames - using GASS flying tables
  • and industrial structures - using fix and strike GASS tower structures for heavily loaded slabs.

GASS aluminium shoring at a glance

  • Great volumes of falsework can easily be assembled, because the aluminium components are lightweight
  • Quick fastening and simple location of ledger frames - only a hammer is needed 
  • 140 kN heavy-duty capacity per leg reduces number of components required
  • Ledger frames can be located at any vertical position along the leg
  • 8-way connection into the GASS leg

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