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Brand Energy can ensure that your formwork and concrete components are precisely aligned and fixed with the use of aligning struts.

So that this task can be accomplished as conveniently as possibly, we supply aligning struts in a variety of versions and sizes. Our smallest and extra-handy aligning strut made of steel can be extended from 2.05 m to 3.3 m, while the largest has an extension range of 5.3 m to 7.6 m.

In addition, we also have the SUPER 10 in our product range, the aluminium strut with an extension range of 7.05 m to 10.25 m – unique on the market and ideal for larger tasks. The SUPER 10 telescopes at both ends and is fine-adjusted with a screw thread.

Aligning struts at a glance

  • Faster length adjustment due to possible rough setting and fine tuning
  • Easy and ready for use as a result of covered inner threads
  • Great load-capacity to self-weight ratio comprising 5 struts for an extension range from 2.05 m to 10.25 m

Quick-action fastener at a glance

  • Time saving during installation of the strut with the precast element due to the unique quick-action fastener
  • Safe and easy attachment of the strut from the ground
  • Simplified and convenient dismantling due to the separation of strut from the quick-action fastener

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